Sinem Ünsal's praised attitude in Miracle Doctor series
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26 November 2022 16:02


Sinem Ünsal’s praised attitude in Miracle Doctor series

Fox TV’s popular TV series Miracle Doctor cannot be seen on the screen with its new episodes. Shooting was stopped in mid-March due to coronavirus, but the episodes of the series are both republished and the images are shared behind the camera on social media.

You can see how detailed and intense effort was made behind the camera of the series, starring Taner Ölmez, Onur Tuna, Hazal Türesan, Sinem Güneş, Reha Özcan, Murat Aygen and Özge Özder.

Actors and extras who try to comply with the given directives have a hard time from time to time. Sinem Ünsal, who plays the character of Nazlı, is also on the set, trying to help everyone.

The actress made great efforts to assist like the director on the scene, which is also reflected behind the camera. You can watch those moments from the video.

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