Artists News Sitare Akbaş is traveling in Europe with a caravan!

Sitare Akbaş is traveling in Europe with a caravan!


Beautiful actress Sitare Akbaş camped in the Swiss Alps and Lake Como in Italy with a caravan. Sitare Akbaş went up to an altitude of 2700 meters in the Swiss Alps with a caravan for the shooting of a Youtube program where she was a guest.

The beautiful actress took a camping holiday in the towns of Rothorn, which is at an altitude of 2700 m, starting from the Rigi Kulm region at an altitude of 1800 m in the Alps, and then in the towns of Menaggio, Varenna and Bellagio on the shores of Lake Como in Italy.

Akbaş did not neglect to share fun shots with her actor friend Elçin Afacan during the 17-day trip, where the shootings were also done.

The actress who will return from the camp in the coming days, will start project negotiations for the new season.

The program “Güle Güle Gültekin”, with Sitare Akbaş as a guest, will be broadcast on Youtube on July 21.