Spanish fans will help Turkish orphans thanks to Kerem Bürsin!
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3 December 2022 23:00


Spanish fans will help Turkish orphans thanks to Kerem Bürsin!

There are two more months until the birthday of Kerem Bürsin, who has turned into a world-class star after his very successful debut with the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı”. However, Spanish fans have already started working on the handsome actor’s birthday gift. Spanish fans will help Turkish orphans thanks to Kerem Bürsin.

Kerem Bürsin’s birthday is on April 4th. However, Spanish fans have already started their campaign for the gift. Spanish fans urged everyone to donate to Darüşşafaka, which teaches successful students whose parents are dead, for Kerem Bürsin’s birthday present.

A visual was shared from Kerem Bürsin’s Twitter account established by Spanish fans. In the text in this image, it is stated that Kerem Bürsin rushes to the aid of the needy at every opportunity and that this behavior of the handsome actor also inspires them.

As they thought it would be very suitable for Kerem Bürsin’s belief, everyone was invited to donate to Darüşşafaka Association as a birthday gift. His fans, Kerem Bürsin, will donate to Darüşşafaka Association on behalf of Kerem Bürsin.

The handsome actor recently attended the Malaga Film Festival held in Spain as the guest of honor and became a hot topic in the country. The actor’s departure to the country made a great impression. It was received so splendidly by its fans that it became news in the newspapers. Bürsin’s fans applauded with the words “El Turco”.

Kerem Bürsin was also featured in the Spanish press. Carlos Quillez, one of the country’s most famous journalists, also wrote words of praise with Kerem Bürsin in his news. The journalist wrote the following for Kerem Bürsin in his article:

“Kerem shone with his own light, spreading his most seductive smile and extraordinary kindness to those who approached him, who were hundreds when I was with him. Kerem is a beautiful man, a great actor, but a better person. A simple man touched by the magic wand of talent.”

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