Star TV's new series, Duy Beni, will not be lost in the summer season!
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5 October 2022 11:17


Star TV’s new series, Duy Beni, will not be lost in the summer season!

We have started to bid farewell to many TV series with the season finals and finals in two weeks. With the start of new series in mid-June, more entertaining and colorful productions will start to take their place on the channels. Especially romantic comedy series will be on the screen as every summer.

The channels had started their preparations long ago. The shooting of many summer dramas has started, their promotions have been shot, and even the broadcast dates of some of them have been announced. They will gradually start to appear on the screen. As a matter of fact, the series that will leave their mark on the summer season and the couples in these series will be among the most talked about topics of the coming days.

Social media is already in motion about the new couples of the summer series! As the information about the series comes, there are also comments about the screen harmonies of the names in the lead roles. Comments have already started on the social media about the couple of the series Duy Beni (Hear Me)!

Duy Beni series brings together Rabia Soytürk and Caner Topçu, two successful young actors of recent years. The poses of the actors of the series, which will be broadcast on Star TV, also fell on social media and started to be talked about.

Rabia Soytürk attracted attention with the character of Karaca in the Alparslan Great Seljuk TV series. Caner Topçu, who was his partner in the TV series “Duy Beni”, also attracted attention with a period drama. Caner Topçu was admired for his role as İlyas in the TV series Barbaroslar.

Now the two actors will come to the screen with the drama series. In the series, along with Berk Hakman, master actors Durul Bazan and Murat Daltaban also take part.

The first photos from the series, which includes many young names in its cast, are watched with curiosity on social media. While the young cast of the series attracts attention, announcements are made for the series, which will start shooting soon, that will mark the summer season with its extraordinary story and strong cast.

In the story of ‘Duy Beni’, the phenomenon of “bullying” among bright teenagers in a wealthy school will be screened in a fascinating family and youth drama.

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