Series News Star TV’s new series signed by Ay Yapım will make a lot of noise!

Star TV’s new series signed by Ay Yapım will make a lot of noise!

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At the moment, only the Ada Masalı series meets the audience on Star TV. However, there are ambitious new series that the channel will broadcast during the season. One of these productions will be a series called Hanedan…

The product of meticulous work, Hanedan series bears the signature of Ay Yapım, one of the influential companies of the sector. When you look at the screenwriter of the series and the names that were offered the first role, you can understand that the new season is a production that will make a lot of noise.

Ece Yörenç was entrusted with the script… Ece Yörenç, who has written many popular TV series to date, will show her talents for Hanedan in the new season.

Ece Yörenç, who is the screenwriter of very important productions such as Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?, Aşk-ı Memnu, Menekşe ile Halil, Aşk Yeniden and Yaprak Dökümü, is expected to produce a story with a high spectacle.

The fact that Demet Özdemir was offered the lead role is also a very meaningful development… The actress has not yet responded to the offer, but it has also been revealed that negotiations are being held with very ambitious names.

One of the most influential TV series of Star TV in the new season is expected to be Hanedan. A different detail about the series has not been revealed yet. However, it is stated that a meticulous study was carried out on both the script and the formation of the cast.