Strong support from Neslihan Atagül to Aşkın Tarifi series!
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27 November 2022 08:55


Strong support from Neslihan Atagül to Aşkın Tarifi series!

An effective message came from Neslihan Atagül for the forest fires that took place in the previous week and upset all of Turkey.

The actress, who appeared on the street with her husband Kadir Doğulu, answered the questions of the reporters. Saying that he was very upset, Atagül also gave the message that the system should be changed.

The famous actress said, “We are all sorry, but I think a fundamental change in the system is needed.” Emphasizing that her individual efforts are well known, the famous actress announced that her health status is also improving.

The allegations that Neslihan Atagül’s husband Kadir Doğulu is jealous because of her partner in the TV series Aşkın Tarifi, Serra Arıtürk, has been in the press for a while.

However, Neslihan Atagül stated that her husband Kadir Doğulu and Serra Arıtürk suited each other and in a way denied this claim of jealousy. The actress said, “They turned out very well. They are very compatible,” she said.

Atagül supported the series Aşkın Tarifi with the expressions “I like the series very much, I have a lot of fun watching it”.

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