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3 July 2022 21:34


Stunning photos from Demet Özdemir

Demet Özdemir comes to the screen with the TV8 TV series, My Home My Destiny. After No: 309, she played in the romantic comedy, Day Dreamer. She managed to be recognized by the larger masses with the series she starred with Can Yaman. Özdemir showed her friend and enemy that he would be successful in the drama with her new series.

The young actress is one of the most popular actresses of the recent period. She is also very popular with her role as Zeynep, who played in the TV series My Home My Destiny. It does not fall off the agenda of social media with its increasing fan base.

The player, who also likes to use Instagram, continues to share her different photos and videos as a highly active person. Sometimes he shares from the set and sometimes from her private life.

Finally, in one of the posts she made, it is seen that the player played the ball in between while working on the set. Demet Özdemir shared a photo of her playing marbles with Kaan Altay Köprülü, who participated in the series with the character of Savaş.

Emphasizing that she is very assertive about marble, her sharing was an indication that they had a fun time between shots on set.

Demet Özdemir loves sports style in her daily life, but she does not compromise on her stylish status even if she do sports… As you can see in the photos below, the actress is appreciated for her stylish, comfortable and sports style.

In another post, Özdemir is seen in a photo taken in the car with her close friend style consultant Rutkay Öziş. She has caught another elegance with her checkered jacket and glasses…

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