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16 May 2022 18:35


Such an Anatolian story! The Baba series got a passing grade, but the first criticism came!

Show TV’s new series Baba, on Tuesday evenings, made an impressive debut. Viewers commenting on social media state that they liked the story very much and found it good.

A series of fans who commented, “I watched it with admiration, without blinking,” expressed their desire for Baba to be a long-running drama. Some fans of the series say that the first episodes are always mixed and that it is necessary to wait for the second episode to understand it well.

Drawing attention to the wealth in the series, which is reflected as an Anatolian Story, the audience drew attention to the great wealth of the family of Mehmet Ali Saruhanlı’s character and said, “Is there such an Anatolian story?” he asks questions.

There were also viewers who said that they had not watched television for a long time and that they went back to the screen for Baba. Especially those who want to watch Haluk Bilginer’s magnificent acting again and Tolga Sarıtaş fans showed great interest in the new series.

A series of fans commented, “Absolutely great acting, script… Let’s see how it goes. A series with the taste of Leaf Fall is coming.”

Many viewers, who stated that they did not understand much in the first episode, and that they could not master the story of the series and what kind of message it wanted to convey, are also waiting for the new episodes to be released next week.

The first trailer was shared from the second episode of the Baba series, which is signed by Ay Yapım, one of the most influential companies in the industry, to be broadcast on Tuesday, February 22. Many viewers state that they are impatiently waiting for the new episode.

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