Surprise actor for Mevlana! Şems is still not clear!
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29 November 2022 20:13


Surprise actor for Mevlana! Şems is still not clear!

Continuing to screen the period series with huge budgets, TRT continues its preparations at full speed for the Mevlana series, which it is preparing to shoot for its new digital channel TRTO. While a new name has been added to the ambitious cast of the series, the person who will play Şems, one of the most important characters, has not been determined yet.

Can Ulkay is the director of Mevlana, which was announced to be shot for the new digital channel of TRT. Mevlana in the last series of Payitaht Abdulhamid II. Bülent İnal, whom we watch as Abdülhamid, will be portrayed.

Produced by Kale Film, the series will be shot in Konya. An expensive set was created by spending big money in Konya for the series. In addition to Bülent İnal, there are remarkable names such as Ahu Türkpençe, İlker Aksum, Ushan Çakır, Levent Can, Devrim Özkan, Burç Kümbetlioğlu, Mert Turak, Erdal Yıldız, Yusuf Çim.

Another strong name has joined the ambitious cast of the series. Turgay Aydın, who has taken part in many TV series to date, joined the cast of the TV series Hz. Mevlana

Born in Germany and acting there, Turgay Aydın starred in the movie Propaganda, which was shot for the first time in Turkey in 1999. Then, he took part in TV series such as “Remember Beloved, Once Upon a Time, Broken Wings and That Life is Mine”. The 50-year-old actor will now appear on the screen with the character of Idris in the TV series Hz. Mevlana

One of the most important characters of the series, in which the life of Mevlana will be told, will be Şems. So who is Şems-i Tabrizi? After wandering around Şems-i Tebrizi, also known as Şems, like a dervish for a long time, he went to Konya upon a call he saw in his dream and met Mevlana, one of the greatest religious scholars of this place. Mevlana, who has felt an emptiness inside for a long time, becomes enlightened and becomes a different person after meeting Şems and having conversations with him for months. The people of Konya hate Şems because it makes Mevlana a completely different person. Finally, Şems is killed by people who love Mevlana and cannot accept his change.

The production company continues its search for an actor to portray Şems. In the meantime, it is among the information that the search continues for the character of Gürce Hatun, who is expected to join the series in the 6th episode.

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