Series News Surprise in ‘Bride of Istanbul’ series!

Surprise in ‘Bride of Istanbul’ series!


AslıEnver, ÖzcanDeniz, SalihBademci, IpekBilgin and FıratTanış are in the main roles.

As the end of the season approached, decisions about the series of channels began to emerge.

The series, which was broadcast on Friday evenings, allegedly made the final of the channel’s laugh with the ratings, and the audience was very sad.

Many audiences commenting on the topic in the social media were casting comments on the channel and the producer to continue the series.

The last news is that it seems like a good news to the regulars.

There is no explanation from the channel or the producer yet.

Post Newspaper writer Mesut Yar wrote: “Star TV gave at least half a season to ‘Bride of Istanbul’.”

‘Bride of Istanbul’ decision to continue the season regarding the decision was taken!

However, it seems that the new section is on the screen at the beginning of the season, but the deal was made until the middle of the season.

So the new season’s ratings will determine whether to continue in the second half of the season.

Even this news seems to be welcomed by the audience of the directory with great pleasure.

In the meantime, the trend in the story of the ‘Bride of Istanbul’ series was already understood to continue.

Despite all the efforts of Faruk, Adem still made a point in the series when he realized that he was ready to feed the anger and prepare for his new plans, and finally to give up hope of reconciliation.

In fact, this sudden change made while going towards the happy end was criticized much in the social media. The line, which was supposed to be the final, was the criticism of why everything turned to the sky in such a way.

The situation was better understood after this decision was taken.

The ‘Bride of Istanbul’ line needs a new incarnation at the new end, and it would not be good for Adem to cross the side of the Boranlar at the end of the series.

Let’s see, the story between Adam and the Borans who will be dragged into the new adventure …