Surprise deal from Birce Akalay, who is on the agenda with Kuş Uçuşu and Mezarlık TV series! Announced on social media
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5 February 2023 08:21


Surprise deal from Birce Akalay, who is on the agenda with Kuş Uçuşu and Mezarlık TV series! Announced on social media

Famous Actress Birce Akalay did not fall off the agenda after two TV series aired two weeks apart in June. With her successful acting, Netflix’s popular productions Kuş Uçuşu (Bird Flight) and Mezarlık (Cemetery) were talked about not only in Turkey but also in many countries where the digital platform is watched. Akalay, who won the admiration of the audience with her performance in both series with completely different characters, is the popular name of the last days.

Birce Akalay also met with İbrahim Çelikkol on vacation, with whom she met again in a TV series after many years. The actress is preparing for the Kuş Uçuşu series, which is learned that the second season will be shot, by resting a lot. Meanwhile, the actress, who was followed with interest on social media, came to the fore with an announcement she made.

The actress, who is branded by her fans not only with her acting but also with her beauty, signed a deal with a Neutrogena brand. The actress became the face of the brand’s new Retinol Boost line. She also announced this collaboration on her Instagram account.

Akalay said, “We are embarking on a new path with Neutrogena. An exciting novelty awaits us, I will introduce you to the Retinol Boost series. Stay tuned to hear all the details from me,” she said on her Instagram account.

In the meantime, regarding her being the brand face, she said, “I hope that thanks to this cooperation, we can touch not only the skin of women, but also their hearts.” The actress said, “I am really excited to be the ambassador of this long-standing experience.” She also shared her feelings about cooperation.

Having completed her high school education in Pera Fine Arts High School Theater Department in 2003, the actress could not complete her education in Istanbul University Theater Criticism and Dramatury Department that she entered the same year. However, she graduated from Haliç University Conservatory Theater Department.

Birce Akalay, who told in an interview that she started ballet at the age of four, said that she did ballet until she got injured at the age of 16. Birce Akalay, who also participated in the ‘2004 Turkey Beauty Contest’, placed 3rd. She first appeared on the screen in 2007 by taking a role in the TV series Kader.

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