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12 August 2022 14:30


Surprise visit from Burcu Biricik to Barış Arduç, who is preparing to become a father

The two actors became partners in the Kuzgun series, which was broadcast on Star TV screens in 2019. Burcu Biricik also had a close relationship with Barış Arduç’s wife, Gupse Özay, with whom she played a role in the series at that time. After learning that Gupse Özay was pregnant recently, Biricik made a surprise visit to congratulate the couple.

Barış Arduç and Burcu Biricik were in front of the camera together in the series Kuzgun, which lasted 2 seasons and shot 21 episodes. The actors, who were acclaimed for their compatible screen partnerships, had a successful acting with this series.

However, when the expected ratings could not be received, the channel decided to end the series in the 21st episode. Barış Arduç is currently on the screen with the Alparslan Great Seljuk TV series. Burcu Biricik is on the agenda with the TV series Camdaki Kız (Girl in the Glass).

Burcu Biricik shared a photo of Barış Arduç with the director Ali Bilgin. Bilgin was the director of the second season of the series Kuzgun. It is speculated that after the meeting of this trio, Burcu Biricik paid a visit to congratulate the couple Gupse Özay and Barış Arduç.

It was learned a short time ago that Barış Arduç and Gupse Özay, who got married surprisingly last year in Çeşme, will have a daughter 3 months later. After this happy news, it is understood that Burcu Biricik went to congratulate her ex-partner by showing loyalty.

Burcu Biricik shared this triple pose by tagging Barış Arduç and Ali Bilgin on her Instagram account, and then Barış Arduç added a heart emoji…

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