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6 July 2022 20:50


Surprises are good in the Kalp Yarası series, but there is something wrong!

Everyone will be surprised by the second surprise in the Kalp Yarası series! The Kalp Yarası series aired on the ATV screen meets the audience on Monday evenings. A period when the series had difficulties in rating was reflected in the figures. It seems essential to make important adjustments to the story in order for the series starring Gökhan Alkan and Yağmur Tanrısevsin to get better results.

There was a surprise in the last episode of Kalp Yarası. Şahin, the grandfather of Ayşe’s character, appeared. With the participation of İştar Gökseven in the series, it was shown to the audience that different events would occur in the story. How Şahin will affect Ayşe’s life will become clearer in the upcoming episodes.

In addition, there is another surprise in the second season of Kalp Yarası. A new character joins the story. This time, it turns out that Ayşe’s cousin is unaware of her existence.

The audience is also eagerly waiting for what will happen between Ayşe and her cousin. There is another detail in the 23rd new episode of the series. After Ayşe and Ferit are separated from each other, Mizra’s calculations for Ayşe will anger the fans of the series.

The first images of the scene in the new episode where Ayşe and Mizra will go out together were reflected in the trailer. The character of Mizra, played by Bora Cengiz, compliments Ayşe.

Series fans reveal the mistakes in the story one by one with social media messages. One viewer drew attention with the following statements: “Everything is ok. Separation is ok. It’s okay for Ayşe to believe in her grandfather and try to find her roots. However, it is wrong for Mirza to fall in love with Ayşe. Aren’t we tired of clichés now?”

Many fans of the TV series also make comments to the writers of Kalp Yarası that the story went very well when it first started, but there has been a lot of deterioration lately.

The reason for the decline in the last weeks after the first period of the Kalp Yarası series, which achieved good results in the ratings, stands out as the weakening of the story.

Here is the first trailer of the 23rd new episode, which will be released on Monday, December 6:

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