Artists News Surprising comedy performance from Boran Kuzum in an Aziz Nesin story!

Surprising comedy performance from Boran Kuzum in an Aziz Nesin story!


After ‘Zübük’, ‘Yaşar Ne Yaşar Ne Yaşammaz’ and ‘Gol Kralı’, a new Aziz Nesin adaptation, Mucize Aynalar (Miracle Mirrors), is coming to movie theaters on April 5. The unique pen of Aziz Nesin, the immortal name of our humor, was transferred to the cinema by master director Tolga Örnek with ‘Mucize Aynalar’.

‘Mucize Aynalar’, which will take its place in movie theaters on April 5, offers the audience an entertaining narrative from the near future. Successful actor Boran Kuzum is also included in the star-filled cast of the film. Kuzum’s performance in the stories ‘Aziz Nesin’ will be greatly appreciated.

Boran Kuzum, who will give life to the character named ‘Kerim Ongun’, who works as a forensic ambulance driver and also tries to write a script, will meet his fans on the big screen with ‘Mucize Aynalar’.

Facts that may happen in the near future are brought to the cinema screen with Aziz Nesin’s humor. Mucize Aynalar, adapted by Tolga Örnek from six different Aziz Nesin stories, promises a different viewing experience with its different structure and extraordinary style that blends daily reality with comedy.

The cast of the film includes successful names such as Cengiz Bozkurt, Şebnem Bozoklu, Boran Kuzum, Zerrin Sümer, Eren Demirbaş, İştar Gökseven, İdil Fırat.

Tolga Örnek, who wrote and directed the film, produced by Mine Şengöz from Orchestra Content, is among the co-producers along with Alp Çağrı Günal and Levent Güneri.

The film by Tolga Örnek, the director of films such as ‘Kaybedenler Kulübü’ and ‘Devrim Arabaları’, will be in theaters on April 5.