Series News Tell You Black Sea shook world lists in January!

Tell You Black Sea shook world lists in January!


Milliyet Newspaper Article Sina Koloğlu’nun part of the article quoted Gürman, under the share “Casts an applause” note has fallen. Here is the social media research that was done about the Tell You Black Sea …

Öykü Gürman, the actor and singer who brought life to Asiye from the popular characters of the Tell You Black Sea, shared a list of the most commonly spoken sequences in the world in January.

Referring to the article by Milliyet writer Sina Kologlu based on WIT data, Gurman said the index ranked sixth among the most talked about projects on Twitter in January 2018.

Following the announcement of 45 thousand tweets about the series in January, Gürman asked his teammates to applaud and the “cadre of applause” note dropped below the photo.

This share of Gürman was also attracted by its followers.

Resurrection Ertuğrul’u resurrection of the match with the scores on the screen on Wednesday, the new series has passed.