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16 May 2022 22:08


Tension rises in the TV series Oğlum and there are moments of fear!

The first introduction to the third new episode of Show TV’s popular TV series “Oğlum” by Ay Yapım has been released. In the promotion where Efe hugs his father with fear, the moments when İlyas and Tuğrul come face to face draw attention.

Published in the first two episodes and leaving deep impressions on the audience, the series “Oğlum” was a production in which the heaviest form of drama was experienced.

The audience, who could not hold back their tears in front of the screen, eagerly awaits the next parts of the story. In the new episode, the pain will be replaced by questioning and revealing the truth this time.

While waiting for what Tuğrul will do, who learns that Zeynep handed over the shirt, which is the proof, to the police, the fearful moments between the two increase the tension.

Efe’s “I lied, I didn’t kill that kid!” His words shock everyone. “Who killed Kaan?” It raises the question again.

‘Oğlum’ is on Show TV with its new episode on Wednesday, February 23 at 20.00!

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