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24 May 2022 10:05


Teşkilat made a big difference to Yargı in the social rating!

There is a big battle on Sunday evenings. Yargı, which was screened on TRT 1 series Teşkilat and Kanal D, continues its battle in both social media and ratings. Yargı is getting closer to Teşkilat in ratings. However, Teşkilat continues to outstrip its rivals on social media.

Adba TV, which regularly broadcasts by measuring the shares of the series on social media, was announced on Sunday, December 12, as a result of the sharing between the series. According to the report prepared by Adba TV, the winner of the Sunday was TRT 1 series Teşkilat.

The Teşkilat, which won great appreciation of the audience with the acting of Çağlar Ertuğrul, does not give up on the first place in the rating. But its closest rival, Yargı, is on the rise. Teşkilat, which felt its breath on the neck of its opponent, made a big difference in social media. Teşkilat became the first with 159 thousand posts about it during the day yesterday.

Yargı, starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, continues to take the audience’s breath away every week. Yargı series, which managed to increase its points in the ratings this week, took the second place with 97 thousand 200 shares made about it on social media.

Fox TV’s unlucky series “Elbet Bir Gün” said goodbye to the screens with the final episode aired last night. 2 thousand 400 shares were made about the series, which could not resist any longer against its strong rivals, Yargı and Teşkilat.

Another TV series that came to the screen last night was the re-episode of Star TV’s new production, Annemizi Saklarken. Bringing together Kutsi and Hande Doğandemir in the lead roles, the series draws attention with its groundbreaking story. It was the last with a thousand 300 shares about the replay of the series, which normally comes to the screen on Wednesday evenings.

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