Series News Teşkilat was badly shaken and its reputation is ruined in the ratings!

Teşkilat was badly shaken and its reputation is ruined in the ratings!

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In the Teşkilat, the team was in danger of being exposed when their photos were taken… Zehra got her daughter back… Barış, assigned by Çetin, shot Ebru in front of Uzay… After the series won first place on Sunday evenings since last season, this situation has changed. The Teşkilat series is experiencing the consequences of the rise of the Yargı in terms of ratings. The reputation of TRT1’s successful series was also ruined.

With the twenty-first episode of the series; While it won the first place in the all persons category, it took the second place after the Yargı in the EU and ABC1 categories. The first trailer of the 22nd episode of the Teşkilat series, which will be broadcast on Sunday, November 21, was shared.

TRT 1’s TV series “Teşkilat”, which was watched with great admiration, attracted great attention with its twenty-second episode broadcast on Sunday, 14 November. While ‘Teşkilat’ received great acclaim with its action-packed exciting scenes and magnificent production, it also left its mark on social media with the #EkipRuhu hashtag.

What happened in the twenty-second episode of The Teşkilat? Yıldırım, who got into a difficult situation at the Company due to the success of the team in the Ariel operation, took action to avenge what happened in Israel.

Yıldırım made his first move by kidnapping Yağmur. The team bonded together and started working from all sides to find Yağmur. A raid was carried out on the address obtained after a detailed examination of all clues. However, the team, who was trapped in the place they came from, faced the danger of being exposed when their photos were taken. Yıldırım used Ebru to use these photographs.

When Pınar went to Çetin to find a clue about Yağmur’s abduction, she learned that Ebru’s life was in danger. Çetin, on the other hand, was unaware of everything and decided to have Barış do the task given to him by Yıldırım.

Hakkı, Hulki and Uzay took action immediately to prevent the images in Ebru’s hand from being published. While Gürcan, who remained at the headquarters, was interfering with Ebru’s computer from afar, Uzay secretly entered the house and captured the images.

The fact that those who kidnapped Yağmur wanted Zehra in return for Yağmur had a great impact in the headquarters. Zehra went to the meeting address by revealing her own life in return for her daughter’s life.

Serdar finally managed to reach Yağmur’s address and save the little girl. Zehra fainted with the effect of the medicine she drank as a swap condition and was saved by the timely intervention of Serdar. Zehra, who came to her senses, experienced great joy when she saw Yağmur in front of her. While the mother and daughter were reunited, Barış, assigned by Çetin, shot Ebru in front of Uzay.