That's a good record! Hande Erçel broke a donation record on her birthday!
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29 March 2023 15:51


That’s a good record! Hande Erçel broke a donation record on her birthday!

It is a very promising development that famous names have recently asked their fans to donate to non-governmental organizations as gifts on their birthdays. Celebrities are now signing very nice social kindness movements on their birthdays. The last example of this was Hande Erçel. Erçel made a record donation on her birthday.

November 24 was Hande Erçel’s birthday. The beautiful-hearted actress asked her fans to donate to the Cancer-Free Life Association as a gift on her birthday. Thereupon, her fans fulfilled Hande Erçel’s wish and donated to the association.

A record donation amount was reached at the end of the campaign. More than 300 thousand TL donations were collected from Erçel’s fans. This figure was shared on the social media account of the Cancer-Free Life Association. The association wrote:

“Our hero, Hande, whose heart is bigger than her height, spread her wings for us this year as well. They also had their wishes held for us. And thanks to you, our esteemed donors, 311,670 TL donations have been collected so far. This is not a numerical record. That’s a good record.”

Hande Erçel, who lost her mother to cancer a few years ago, therefore pays special attention to cancer patients. Hande Erçel, who is the face of the Cancer-Free Life Association as a social responsibility project, took part in the promotional film of the association and became a light for cancer patients in their struggle.

This success of Hande Erçel was also highly appreciated by her fans. Her fans, who love Hande and donate for her, thanked Hande Erçel for giving them this opportunity. You can see some of Hande Erçel’s comments below.

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