The actress who will leave the Yasak Elma series has been announced
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1 April 2023 08:07


The actress who will leave the Yasak Elma series has been announced

Yasak Elma series continues to be watched with interest on Fox TV on Monday evenings with its fifth season. One of the most important reasons why the series can still connect so many viewers to it is the constant renewal of the story.

This situation caused many names to leave the story over time and new names to be included. At the beginning of the fifth season, Biran Damla Yılmaz and Murat Aygen joined the lead roles and became the new center of gravity in the story of the series.

Eda Ece, Şevval Sam and Berk Oktay’s effective performances in the lead roles, although the Yasak Elma has undergone a big change, it can also achieve good ratings in the fifth season.

Nesrin Cavadzade, whom we watched as Bahar character in the Üç Kuruş TV series, attracted great attention as the Şahika of the Yasak Elma in the first 4 seasons. The fact that even Şahika’s departure does not have much effect on the story is seen as one of the reasons why the screenwriters endear the story to the audience at all times.

Another name will be separated from the story of the series. Nihan Aypolat, who is included in the series in the fifth season, will say goodbye to the team. It is planned that the actress, who plays the character of Arzu, will leave the series as a result of an unexpected event that will be remembered.

There is a high expectation that Yasak Elma will be published in the sixth season as well. This shows that new characters and new famous names may join the story of the series soon.

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