The Ambassador's Daughter fans scream, we got rid of that nonsense!
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2 December 2022 07:06


The Ambassador’s Daughter fans scream, we got rid of that nonsense!

Latest developments in The Ambassador’s Daughter series have been good for the audience! 31 episodes of The Ambassador’s Daughter, which was broadcast on the Star TV screen on Monday evenings. It was seen that the ratings, which have increased in the last weeks, have decreased a little in the last episode. Still, the series appeals to millions; It is worth mentioning that besides 3 ambitious productions such as The Pit, Forbidden Fruit and Awakening Great Seljuk, it got good results.

Deniz Işın, who later joined the series, which brought together Engin Akyürek and Neslihan Atagül in the lead role, started to take an important place in the story. The successful performance of Deniz Işın, who appeared in the series as Akın’s half-brother Sahra, also makes the audience happy.

There was a great interest in the 32nd episode trailer, where Sahara and Gediz kissed. The fans of the TV series who commented “Sahara, how is that kissing” think that this character will be good for Gediz. The first details about what will happen in the new episode of the series were good for the audience. In particular, Sancar’s step towards Menekşe’s end of the pregnancy game was talked a lot.

TV fans comment, “Ohh, Menekşe’s lie is out, everyone can take a deep breath.” With Sancar learning about this pregnancy game, important changes are expected in the series.

The fans of the series, who are looking forward to Monday, also wish that the images reflected in the trailer are not dreams. The TV series followers, who stated that they screamed while watching the trailer, often reacted to the extra extension of Menekşe’s pregnancy job.

Here is the 32nd episode trailer of The Ambassador’s Daughter to be broadcast on Monday, December 14:

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