The Ambassador's Daughter series is on the set for season two!
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3 December 2022 23:02


The Ambassador’s Daughter series is on the set for season two!

The Ambassador’s Daughter series started its second season with its 18th new episode released last week. However, the team of the series just got together in Bodrum to shoot new episodes. The first photos from the set of the series were also shared. Due to the stock departments on hand, the team has been able to take a vacation so far.

Star Tv’s series The Ambassador’s Daughter, which was produced by NGM and O3 Media together, has been on the set for the new season. The first frames from 2 seasons of the popular series came from the leading actors.

The scenes shared by popular actors Neslihan Atagül Doğulu and Engin Akyürek from the set created excitement. The photos of the duo attracted attention on social media. The two famous names are well-matched and portray their roles very well.

The reactions to the story of the series do not stop on social media. The Ambassador’s Daughter receives great criticism for violence against women.

While the first episode of the new season, which was aired last Monday evening of the series, was appreciated, now the breaths are kept for surprise developments in the mansion?

With its powerful actors and emotional narrative, The Ambassador’s Daughter will appear before the audience with its 19th new episode on 14 September Star.

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