The annoying incident in the TV series My Home My Destiny
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26 November 2022 16:06


The annoying incident in the TV series My Home My Destiny

The new season of the TV series My Home My Destiny aired on tv8 screens is eagerly awaited. After the season finale, which made the series curious, the introduction of the new season came. A development that surprised the audience was an indication that we will watch quite annoying scenes this season!

A few episodes of the series, which made the season finale with the 12th episode, were previously shot and are waiting in stock. New season shootings are also planned to start this week. Returning from vacation, Demet Özdemir and İbrahim Çelikkol and other actors are about to go on the set for the new season shootings.

The broadcast date of the series is not yet clear, but with the introduction of the 13th episode, it has been signaled that it will be on the screens before the end of September. The series, which is based on a real life story of Dr. Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu, will continue to attract attention in the new season.

But it looks like we’re going to watch this season in a little more nervous stress! Because Benal, who is pregnant with Mehdi, starts to live in the same house with Zeynep. Having to endure Benal first at her mother’s house and then at her own home, Zeynep will have a hard time.

Zeynep, who is getting ready to wear a lawyer robe and starts to live in real marriage with Mehdi, will have a happy life expectancy with the man with whom she found love, love and home, and Benal’s attitude will seem to be disruptive.

There are critical comments on social media about the audience’s questions about what Benal was doing in that house, how and why Mehdi brought her home, how Zeynep accepted such a thing.

The situation became such that Zeynep fell into a state where Nare in the series Ambassador’s Daughter fell. Though Zeynep is the married husband of Mehdi. Nare’s situation is similar to Benal’s situation, but still not well accepted by the audience!

Mehdi, thinking of the baby in Benal’s womb and bringing them to his home to keep them safe, but Zeynep’s barely found home, Benal’s dark clouds over her love will never be missing!

Therefore, those who watch the series on the screen are waiting for a season in which Benal’s games and attitudes will blow their hair.

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