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12 August 2022 14:27


The arrival of Survivor even badly affected the Sadakatsiz series! Kuruluş Osman is standing tall!

New episodes of many TV series were not broadcast in the first two weeks of January due to problems such as New Year’s Eve and coronavirus problems and low advertising revenues. On the evening of January 19, both the Kuruluş Osman, Sadakatsiz and Kanunsuz Topraklar series met with the audience again with new episodes. However, there was an important difference. Survivor 2022 competition, which started on Saturday, had a great impact on Wednesday productions like many TV series.

The Survivor 2022 competition, which finished the day third in all people and in the EU group, came second in ABC1. The quiz show series impressed with the good ratings, but Kuruluş Osman is not included in this. Atv’s popular series once again gathered its viewers on the screen. Kuruluş Osman, who won the first place in all audience groups, showed that he maintained his power by reaching double-digit ratings in both the whole group and ABC1 group.

Kanal D’s Sadakatsiz series, on the other hand, was affected by the arrival of Survivor by losing viewers. Also, the second place status of the series has now changed. Sadakatsiz achieved fourth place in all categories. Kanal D series, which lost both ratings and rankings, achieved the lowest ratings ever. Of course, it should be noted that the results of these ratings are well above the average, and we make an evaluation according to the previous episodes of the series.

The Sadakatsiz series is still a very effective production in the competition on Wednesday, but it lagged behind Survivor 2022 with Kuruluş Osman. Let us remind you that Serhat Parıl, Gizem Ünsal and Deniz Karaoğlu participated in the story of the series and that there will be significant changes in the story of Sadakatsiz with 3 new characters.

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