The audience gave a pass in Kalp Yarası series, the screenwriter scored the goal!
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4 February 2023 12:49


The audience gave a pass in Kalp Yarası series, the screenwriter scored the goal!

17 episodes are left behind in Kalp Yarası series broadcast on the ATV screen. There is a strong drama story in the series, which is one of the effective productions of Monday evenings. Gökhan Alkan and Yağmur Tanrısevsin showed a good harmony in the lead roles of the series, which continues to be shot in Antakya.

Kalp Yarası will show a strong stance on the screen in the 18th new episode with its story that deeply affects the audience. Even though it has moved away from the first place, details about what will happen in the ATV series, which continues to be supported by the loyal audience, continue to emerge.

Azade Hanım, played by Şenay Gürler, is in prison and there is a secret witness who wants to hurt her. The statements of this witness will determine the course of Azade Hanım’s character.

Hande, played by Merve Çağıran, turned her love for Ferit into a desire for revenge. The character of Hande will make an effort for everyone’s unhappiness in the new episode.

The reunion of Ayşe and Ferit pleased the fans of the series. But there are more thorns in the path of the two lovers. The viewers have been waiting eagerly for the love-filled scenes of Ayşe and Ferit, who will show their love for each other by holding hands. It has now become clear that these wishes of the series fans, who sent many messages to the scriptwriter for the love of the two characters on social media, will come true.

Series fans write about how they want the story to progress on social media. There is a feeling that the screenwriters are not indifferent to these requests, as the episodes are published.

The series fans will be able to watch the love-filled happy scenes of Ayşe and Ferit on Monday, November 1, which they want to see most in the story. Ayşe and Ferit fall into the arms of love again. These details are also included in the second trailer of the 18th episode of the series.

Ayşe says, “There is no getting lost in this fairy tale world without me.”

Ferit, on the other hand, draws attention with his statement, “I left everything behind and came just like that”.

Here is the second trailer from the 18th episode of Kalp Yarası series:

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