Artists News The audience liked the first episode of Sana Söz!

The audience liked the first episode of Sana Söz!

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The detective series Sana Söz, which started to meet with the audience on the Star TV screen on Tuesday evenings, received great support from the social media. Although the ratings of Star TV’s very ambitious series have not been good, the audience comments on social media give a positive signal for the future.

It will not be surprising that the ratings of the series, which are below the average, increase a little more in the second episode. Fans of the series made comments stating that it was a good project and that they liked it very much.

In the comments reflected on the social media, the audience expressed that they played the roles of Nehir Erdoğan and Erkan Petekkaya very well, and they used expressions full of praise.

“After Kırmızı Oda, I am a fan of Erkan Petekkaya. How is he acting? I hope this series will hold,” a series of fans left a message, showing that last season’s Sadi character is still in mind.

The audience liked the first episode of Sana Söz! 7

Erkan Petekkaya, who played the Sadi character in Kırmızı Oda for 21 episodes, became a mafia leader. Now we are watching the famous actor as a policeman in the TV series Sana Söz. On the other hand, Nehir Erdogan took his place on the screen with the character of a television programmer.

A viewer, who stated that he liked the first episode of the series, commented: “The first episode was good. Hopefully we will not be disappointed. Let it be a good show so that we can watch a TV show like Müge Anlı in the evenings.”

Nehir Erdoğan, on the other hand, delighted her female fans with the character of Elif Karaca. For those who want to see strong female characters on the screen, Nehir Erdogan returned with a very good role.

Those affected by the upright stance of Elif Karaca’s character praised them in their social media comments.

A number of drama fans commented, “I finally saw a drama where the woman was strong and upright. The series reminded me a bit of Müge Anlı, but it was still very beautiful and exciting.”

Although the ratings for the first episode of Sana Söz are low, there is a high hope that it will improve in the second episode. The first trailer from the second episode, which will be released on Tuesday, November 9, was also shared: