The audience loved Prosecutor Ilgaz's love-man status in the Yargı series.
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4 February 2023 18:50


The audience loved Prosecutor Ilgaz’s love-man status in the Yargı series.

Yargı hit the audience in the heart with its emotional scenes in its new episode. Everyone watched the characters of Ilgaz and Ceylin, played by Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz in the lead roles, in the TV series of Kanal D, which came to the screens with its strong plot.

In the first episodes, Ilgaz had just separated from his fiancée, the judge, from Neva, and attracted attention with his snoring and icy looks. But it didn’t take long for them to get close to Lawyer Ceylin. While Ceylin was looking for her brother’s murderer, Ilgaz’s softening and helping him were effective in changing the course of the relationship.

Ilgaz, who was with Ceylin in her difficult days, opened his home. He played a big role in the discovery of Killer Engin. In the meantime, the duo became close, but could not come together. Because the wounds of both Ceylin and Ilgaz from their previous relationships were still fresh and Ceylin was having a trust problem.

Engin’s death changed things. The only person who unconditionally trusted her during the days when she was tried for the murder charge and was imprisoned was Prosecutor Ilgaz, who believed that they had come a long way in a short time. Although Ceylin did not know about this situation, it did not take long for Ilgaz to get close to Ilgaz, who left his profession for the sake of the woman he loved.

The fact that Ilgaz persuaded Neva with the evidence he presented to the judge and released Ceylin from prison to stand trial also enabled the two to reunite. Ceylin was now attached to her beloved like Ilgaz.

In the series written by Sema Ergenekon, we now see a love-filled Ilgaz who fights for the sake of his beloved and prepares breakfasts for her. In the new episodes of the series, which is followed with great interest, the audience will see the emotional moments of Ilgaz and Ceylin more. In any case, the viewers seem to be quite pleased with this rapprochement and the experiences in the comments they make via social media.

Yargı series is on Kanal D with its new episodes every Sunday at 20.00!

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