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12 August 2022 11:58


The audience was amazed by the harmony between Burak Yörük and İlayda Alişan!

While some of the summer series can get good ratings, some have to continue on their way with low rates. The Seversin (You Like) series started to be broadcast on Kanal D screen with great expectations, but it did not get the expected ratings.

However, the strong harmony and high energy of İlayda Alişan and Burak Yörük, the leading actors of the series, are among the most talked about topics on social media. According to many viewers, these two are featured as the most liked couple among the TV series of the summer period.

Although a number of fans of the TV series made a slightly exaggerated comment by saying, “I have never seen a couple that fit so well in this world,” they expressed that they liked the harmony of the two lead actors of the TV series Seversin.

The viewers, who are satisfied with the progress of the TV series Seversin, which has an entertaining story, are now also happy with the scenes where Tolga is jealous of Asya.

Expressing that they are very afraid of Seversin’s ending due to low ratings, the viewers wish that the series will continue for a long time.

Since it is the series produced by Kanal D’s own company, Seversin’s cost is low and its screen time may therefore be longer.

The entertaining story of Seversin, whose seventh episode will be broadcast on Wednesday, June 13, manages to attract a large audience to the screen, albeit in the summer.

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