The audience was delighted that you left Love Is In The Air, but it didn't!
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1 December 2022 13:26


The audience was delighted that you left Love Is In The Air, but it didn’t!

The 22nd episode of the Love Is In The Air will be broadcast on the evening of December 12th. The series, which attracted great attention with its 21-episode performance, began to regain its audience after changing days. Now, İlayda Çevik comes to the story with the character of Balca Koçak.

It is stated that the Balca character will come to the forefront and make a change in the story to get Serkan Bolat in the series Love Is In The Air. However, after this development, there were evaluations that the character of Selin, played by Bige Önal, left the series.

But it turned out that this is not true. In the photos published in the 22nd episode, it is seen that the character Selin continues to appear in the series. With the arrival of Balca after Selin, very difficult times await the Eda – Serkan relationship. The details of what will happen in the 22nd episode of the Love Is In The Air have also been revealed:

The romantic evening of Serkan and Eda ends with an urgent call. Selin, who gets mad because she is caught in the corner, has very different plans. Serkan comes to Eda with a very different request after what he has learned. Eda has no choice but to accept.

Meanwhile, someone new enters their lives and causes everyone to be confused and question themselves and what they believe. Should you change for the person you love? If you love, is it okay to force the other person to change?

Aydan enters a brand new path after his decision, with the support of Eda and Serkan. Even unwillingly, Ayfer has to be with Aydan on this road. Their celebrations after the victory result in a surprising marriage proposal.

Eda, who thinks she has begun to be unfair to Serkan, thinks it is her turn to take a step. Eda’s decision to knock on Serkan’s door one evening produces very different results than he expected.

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