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9 August 2022 16:45


The Baht Oyunu series, which upset its fans with its finale, can’t get enough of the awards!

The Baht Oyunu series, which started last summer season and attracted great attention, upset the fans a lot with its finale. However, the series is still not forgotten even after months after its finale. The series was again worthy of awards.

Idris Nebi Taşkan and Aslı Sümen also took part in the Baht Oyunu series, starring Cemre Baysel and Aytaç Şaşmaz. Baht Oyunu, which started as a summer series on June 15, was broadcast on Kanal D and soon became popular.

It was decided that the Baht Oyunu, which continued until autumn, would conclude with the winter season, with strong competitors coming into play. Baht Oyunu said goodbye to the screens with its 17th episode on October 12.

The Baht Oyunu has not been forgotten even though it has been months since it said goodbye to the screens. The series still continues to receive awards. The Baht Oyunu series was finally awarded three grand prizes as a result of the voting organized by the digital broadcasting platform Onedio. As a result of the voting, Cemre Baysel was chosen as the best actress, Aytaç Şaşmaz the best actor, and #Aycem couple was chosen as the best TV series couple of the year.

The Baht Oyunu series is preparing to conquer the world after Turkey. The successful production appeared in front of foreign countries a while ago at the content fair ATF Online+, which appeals to the Asian market under the name Twist Of Fate.

The theme of Baht Oyunu was as follows: Once you believe that your luck is black, it is not easy to beat bad luck… However, Ada (Cemre Baysel), who grew up among women who believed that they would find happiness if they married the men they first fell in love with, and who could not achieve this, is just to put an end to it. is about to put a stick in the wheel of destiny… What happens is that Ada is abandoned by Rüzgar (İdris Nebi Taşkan), whom she believes to be her first love. While Ada is trying to win Rüzgar back on her way to happiness, she meets Bora (Aytaç Şaşmaz). A difficult and romantic journey awaits Ada, who is stuck between her love and faith.

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