The Balkan Ninnisi series will give Merih Öztürk a career shine!
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4 October 2022 14:15


The Balkan Ninnisi series will give Merih Öztürk a career shine!

The team is in Macedonia for the Balkan Ninnisi (Balkan Lullaby) series, which is expected to meet the audience soon on the TRT1 screen, and the shooting is done in Skopje. It is possible to see Turkish traces everywhere in Skopje, which was the land of the 600-century Ottoman Empire. With this aspect of the series, we can say that the audience will feel warmer and more sincere. Merih Öztürk will play the character of Jovanka in the series, which will tell a family story and a love story.

The seemingly impossible love of Ertan and Jovanka will be combined with entertaining images, and the Balkan Ninnisi series is expected to impress a wide audience on the summer screen. In the series, we will watch the struggle of Ertan and Jovanka, who cannot live their love due to the pressure of their families, to reunite with each other, and the funny stories of two families from different nationalities living in the same mansion.

Merih Öztürk recently played the character Güney in the TV series Börü 2039, and the Balkan Ninnisi project offers the most important career opportunity in terms of popularity. The actress stated that the character of Jovanka is very special for her and said:

“Jovanka is a very special character to me because there are many moments in her where I find pieces of myself and share her dreams. When I first read the script and the character, I was very excited because it is an incomparable blessing for an actress to be portraying a character from a different nationality, culture and speaking a different language.”

Emphasizing that Özlem Türkad, Hakan Boyav and Erdal Özyağcılar, who are in the cast of the series, are master names, the young actress stated that she is very happy to be in such a staff.

Merih Öztürk, who also shared information about the character of Jovanka, said: “Jovanka is a character who has a realistic view of life, can face the facts, loves life and has emotional ties, and is very strong on the ground. She is an upright woman who follows her own ideals, wants to be an actress, and is stuck under the pressure of her mother while making efforts to realize this dream, trying to meet her choices with her own maturity and ideas, while her dreams and her family are on the one hand.”

Explaining that she was very excited about the shooting of the series in Skopje, Merih Öztürk shared her feelings:

“I have always been curious about Macedonia, Balkan culture and food. It is very nice to live here, to meet the people and culture of this place and to taste their food. We had a project for England before, but it was not that long-term. That’s why Skopje will always have a special place for me.”

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