Series News The Bandits series fans’ rebellion

The Bandits series fans’ rebellion


ATV’s popular drama The Bandits will make the season finale with its 165th episode to air on Tuesday, April 28. The series, which will end in the 5th season, will attract great attention in the 6th season with its great performance.

The Bandits fans, on the other hand, are suffering … The reason for this is the death of the Hurşit character played by Haydar Şişman in the previous episode and saying goodbye to the series. The departure of Hürşit, which the audience loved so much, caused great discomfort. The viewers who were rebelling on social media for the last 1 week were uploaded to screenwriters after Hurşit’s departure.

Haydar Şişman, who was born on September 4, 1966, is a painter and also a theater actor … He portrayed the character of Hurşit so real that the fans of the series could not digest him to go.

After Hurşit’s death, the wave of rebellion on social media has not ended for 1 week. Expressing his reaction with the message “You are not my friend screenwriter”, the fans of the series question why such a decision was made.

“The death of Hurşit has been ridiculous,” the fans of the series are extremely uncomfortable with the character’s wasting in this way.