The behind the scenes of the final truth of the series Menajerimi Ara has been revealed!
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29 March 2023 09:18


The behind the scenes of the final truth of the series Menajerimi Ara has been revealed!

44 episodes of the series Menajerimi Ara, which met with the audience on Sunday evenings, have been broadcast so far. According to the first announced situation, the series would make the finale in the 47th episode. However, the latest information and the official statement showed that the 45th episode was clarified as the finale.

However, the fans of the series began to pressure Ay Yapım and Star TV to continue until the 47th episode. Many messages were shared on social media. Already, the fans of the series were very strong, especially in the twitter environment. Combining these forces, the fans shared thousands of messages and wanted the series to last until the 47th episode.

However, there was no step back from Star TV. The 44th episode has also been aired, and now the 45th episode, that is, the final episode, is expected to be screened on Sunday, July 11th. So why was the final delayed? This question was also in mind.

Journalist Birsen Altuntaş used to elaborate on this issue in her news on tv100. It turned out that Ay Yapım made such a decision due to the holiday. Planning was done according to the holiday and the Menajerimi Ara series was revised to make the final in the 45th episode, not the 47th episode.

If the team had not done so, there would have been a holiday break. Afterwards, the sets would be assembled again for the two episodes. Instead of doing this, Ay Yapım found it more appropriate to broadcast the 45th episode on Sunday evening, July 11, and finish the series before the holiday.

Despite all the efforts of the series fans on social media, the situation does not seem likely to change.

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