Series News The beloved duo of the Sadakatsiz series met again in the Güzel Günler series!

The beloved duo of the Sadakatsiz series met again in the Güzel Günler series!


The TV series Sadakatsiz (Unfaithful), which lasted for 2 seasons on Kanal D, was a very successful project and achieved successful results not only in Turkey but also in many countries of the world.

The success of the series, starring Cansu Dere, Melis Sezen and Caner Cindoruk, made all the characters in the story stand out. Among these characters were two names that have been on the sets for years and that we have watched in many projects as child actors. We are talking about Dora Dalgıç and Doğan Can Sarıkaya, who portray the characters of Selen and Demir.

These two young actors, who attracted attention in the TV series Sadakatsiz, now came together for the TV series Güzel Günler, which was broadcast on Show TV on Sunday evenings.

Dora Dalgıç, who stepped into the sets in 2014, was born in 2007 and has been on sets with various projects since she was 7 years old. Doğan Can Sarıkaya was born in 2004 and he has been acting since he was 7 years old. These two names, who are now in their adolescence, appeared before the audience in various projects as child actors.

Many viewers can remember Doğan Can Sarıkaya from the character of Acar in Çukur (The Pit). Viewers will remember Dora Dalgıç from the Kara Ekmek (Black Bread) series.

The paths of the two young actors first crossed in the TV series Sadakatsiz. Now, they are playing the characters of Ayşim and Derin in the series Güzel Günler (Good Days).

Sarikaya, whom we watched as Derin, and Dalgıç, who appeared on the screen as Ayşim, did not escape the attention of television critic Sina Koloğlu.

Mentioning that the duo walked together in TV series, Sina Koloğlu shared the following, stating that the duo grew up in front of the screen and had a good cooperation in emotional roles:


It is common for us to intersect ‘popular actors’ in fast-paced consumption. Doğan Can Sarıkaya and Dora Dalgıç are one of them. We watched Demir and Selen characters in ‘Sadakatsiz’. Doğan was 16 years old and Dora was 13 years old. They grew up and appeared as Derin (Doğan Can Şarıkaya) and Ayşim (Dora Dalgıç) in ‘Güzel Günler’ in an emotional friendship role. Doğan is 19 years old, Dora is 16 years old. After that, let’s see what other drama this ‘young couple’ will be together in? Time will tell if they go towards the happy ending now!”