The Beverly Hills adaptation of the Darmaduman series even fires up with its cast and photos!
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28 January 2023 15:57


The Beverly Hills adaptation of the Darmaduman series even fires up with its cast and photos!

The new series called Darmaduman (Smashed), which will start soon on the Fox TV screen, is a project that will stand out as a domestic adaptation of the American series Beverly Hills 90210.

The series, in which a very influential cast met, can be described as the big test of celebrities. You will watch the names of the most talked about projects of recent years, such as Mert Yazıcıoğlu, Hafsanur Sancaktutan, Aytaç Şaşmaz, Aslıhan Malbora, in the Darmaduman series.

The photos reflected from the set of the series are also enough to show how effective the cast will be. The beauties of Hafsanur Sancaktutan and Aslıhan Malbora were once again talked about. According to the comments on social media, the photos were on fire. While the fans of the series are eagerly waiting for the first episode, the shooting of the series continues at different points in Istanbul.

You will follow the story of Harun and his family, who had to return to his father’s house in Istanbul after years of resentment. A series full of changeable lives, youthful energy, ambition and intrigue is coming.

The first trailer of the new series called Darmaduman was also released and was appreciated by a large fan base on social media.

The details of the journeys of the young people, in which they discover themselves, life, friendship and love, have revealed an ambitious series of the new season.

You will find the stories of adults coming to terms with their youth and finding themselves again in the scenario, which is expected to touch on the key points of today’s youth world, with scenes that will teach social lessons.

The release date of the Darmaduman series has not been announced yet, but it is expected to start very soon.

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