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12 August 2022 22:14


The big knot in the Gönül Dağı series has been untied!

Gönül Dağı, which is the apple of the eye of TRT 1 viewers and whose addicts increase rapidly, will give its fans an unforgettable evening with its fortieth episode to be broadcast on Saturday, November 20. An important knot in the series will be solved with this episode. The characters of Taner and Dilek, who have frequent breakups, now open the doors of a different world. Taner (Berk Atan) and Dilek (Gülsim Ali İlhan), who have overcome the problems they have been through for a long time and decided to get married in the 39th Episode, are getting married with a magnificent wedding in the fortieth episode.

A game of javelin by Uncle Sons and Javelin Abdullah… At the rural wedding held in Gedelli on the steppe, all the traditions and customs of Anatolia are practiced and the guests spend hours of fun, while the lovers live an unforgettable day in their lives. Ciritçi Abdullah (Yavuz Sepetçi), groom Taner, his uncles Ramazan (Cihat Süvarioğlu) and Veysel (Semih Ertürk) get great applause from the audience by playing javelin, our Ata sport.

İzzet Altınmeşe attends the wedding in Gedelli… At the wedding held after the henna night with emotional moments, Taner and Dilek encounter interesting surprises. The famous name of Turkish Folk Music, İzzet Altınmeşe, does not leave the bride and groom alone on these happy days. He sings beautiful Anatolian folk songs for them.

The bride and groom are flying with “66”… Taner and his uncles, who both helped the residents of the town and served their country with the inventions they made in Gedelli, also make their first invention, the first eye pain, “66” as a wedding car. Bride and groom are flying over Gedelli with “66”.

The surprise waiting for Ramadan… As the time given by Gravemaker İlyas expires, Ramazan’s answer convinces Gravemaker İlyas, but will his sons be convinced? Ramazan is forced to embark on an adventure that he never expected, while flying from happiness to the air with his uncle’s wedding… Doctor Kenan learned about his family… Will he be able to tell them the truth?

In the meantime, after long researches, Doctor Kenan, who learns that his real parents are Döndü and Muammer, will he be able to explain the truth to them? We will watch in the new episode.

The fortieth episode of Gönül Dağı, with a high dose of excitement and fun, to be watched from start to finish, will be on TRT 1 on Saturday, 20 November at 20:00.

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