Series News The big secret in the Tell You Black Sea series!

The big secret in the Tell You Black Sea series!


What is the drama that makes Vedat and Eyşan on Tell You Black Sea series?

Tell me what is the drama that makes Vedat and Eyşan in the Tell You Black Sea tv series?

Every day, the signing of a different party, the Tell You Black Sea series is counting days to meet the audience on Wednesday, February 28th, with 6 episodes …

The fans of the directory create an interaction by sharing various thoughts on the internet before every new episode …

Looking at the audience messages at the beginning of the 6th episode, the curiosity about Vedat and Eyşan’s past draws attention.

An audience, “I am curious about the drama of the past that has made Vedat and Eyşan the most.” In fact, most of the audience was stuck in this spot. In the following sections, we expect to see the past of the two.

Moreover, the viewers who do not find what Mustafa is doing are thinking that it is not right to throw Tahir, who is dead for breath and bravery, into his lap of death again.

The audience, who expressed that they liked both the stage scenes and the music, do not like to be informed of the negative opinion on the lining.

Some viewers do not hesitate to show that they are quite uncomfortable with the violence scenes going on. An audience member said, “It’s a beautiful series but I need a little love and love.

Asiye and Mustafa are also seen to be a big love for the characters .. Mustafa’nın no longer ask the audience not to interfere with breathing, “This is not out of here Trabzon”

The audience, who indicated that Asiye and Mustafa would not be able to leave, would bring a criticism that violence should be reduced a little more and that they could not follow the line with their children.

The viewers who want to breathe the breath no longer revolts by saying, “You do not cry, the valla is in vain and you do not cry anymore …”

The audience, who stated that the 5th episode went a little heavier, stated that they wanted some happiness scenes on the line.

Those who think that Tahir should be separated from Mercan, Tahir and Nefes should now have love life … Besides, the view that no one else should leave Nefes anymore is gaining importance.