The big surprise in the Arıza that is preparing to make the final!
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25 March 2023 13:11


The big surprise in the Arıza that is preparing to make the final!

He learned that the killers of the Haşmet Ağa family were Ersoylu brothers in the episode of O3 Media signed Arıza, which was screened on Show TV, and captured Murat Ersoylu. How Haşmet’s revenge is already a matter of curiosity, while Ali Rıza went to the address determined by the phone he received from his father in the final. Ali Rıza was surprised at the place he went to.

In the 27th episode of the TV series Arıza, which is watched with admiration; Aslan had Ali Rıza’s father followed the number he called and determined his location. Ali Rıza, Aslan and Halide immediately took action towards the detected location. While Ali Rıza was in pursuit of the truth about his own father, Haşmet Ağa on the other hand learned a bitter truth about his family. Haşmet Ağa, who learned that the murderers of his family were Burak and Murat Ersoylu, captured Murat. How Haşmet will take revenge on the Ersoylu brothers is already a matter of curiosity. Ali Rıza, who reached the address, was shocked by the sight he saw in the final. These moments, when Ali Rıza was shocked by saying “father”, remember “Did Ali Rıza find his father?” brought the question.

With its 27th episode, which aired last night, Arıza managed to be in the top 10 in all categories last night. Let us state that the series that Show TV made the final decision in the 30th episode was the 7th in all people and the EU yesterday evening and closed the day 9 in ABC1, the rating rates are neither good nor very bad. The series was also talked about on social media for a long time. # gerçeğibilse the tag with the beginning of an exciting chapter I had a long list of TT Twitter Turkey.

Behind-the-scenes images of Arıza series also attracted great attention.


The raid on the house of Haşmet Ağa by Burak, who wanted to avenge his father, increased the war more and more. Burak and Fiko, who neutralized the men they encountered in the raid one by one, confronted Haşmet Ağa. Haşmet Ağa greeted them with two bombs in his hand. While Burak and Fiko were shocked when Haşmet saw the bombs in his hand, Ali Rıza, who took action with Sabri’s phone, came to help. Burak and Fiko, who were completely cornered, had to flee.


The morale night organized by Ali Rıza and his team was the scene of pleasant moments. Halide and Rukiye Hanım also attended the night where Hasan’s folk songs had a musical feast. The moments when Hasan and Ferit sang the song “Odam Kireç Tutmuyor” touched everyone’s hearts.


Haşmet Ağa asked Mithat to capture Burak and deliver him to him after the raid on his house. Mithat, on the other hand, tried to trap Haşmet by pretending to give the meeting place and deliver Burak. Aiming to finish Haşmet’s work by bringing all their men to the meeting place, Mithat and Burak found Haşmet Ağa’s men and Ali Rıza before them. With the preparation of Haşmet Ağa, war flags were raised between the parties. Mithat’s detention of Melek and Halide was what prevented a great war from breaking out in the moments when the tension gradually increased.


It was revealed that the person who leaked Balaban, Murat and Burak Ersoylu’s plans to Ali Rıza was Füsun. Finding out that Füsun had betrayed them, Murat said that they would leave everything behind and drove him out of the house. Standing on the road, Murat held the gun on his own, but Ali Rıza, who grew up at the last minute, neutralized Murat.

The highly anticipated new episode of Arıza will be on Show TV on Sunday evening at 20:00!

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