The biggest advantage of the My Left Side is this 4
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25 March 2023 22:45


The biggest advantage of the My Left Side is this 4

As the trailers of the My Left Side (Sol Yanım) series, which are expected to meet with Star TV viewers, are broadcast, the curiosity and excitement of the audience increases. The series also has a new trend among young people. Let us immediately state that young players are good choices for My Left Side.

The trailers of the series tell that a good production can be found in young viewers. The most curious points will be how the script will progress and the harmony between the character and the actor is not achieved well.

The stories of the supporting characters must also be included in this equation. If the effective display of the scenes with the interesting presentation is solved, we can talk about good ratings for the Left Side series. However, player performances alone are no longer sufficient for a series to progress. Star TV already has a strong example. The Babel series started off with strong acting and very important names, but the series had to make the 19th string final.

The 4 young actors who are preferred for the leading role in the My Lef Side series also promise. Anibal Güleroğlu, one of the authors of Milliyet Blog, wrote that he trusts these 4 names and they have good choices. Here is a section from that article:

For example, I have already loved Reyhan from the TV series “The Promise”, the stance of Serra in the character of Özge Yağız, and the energetic air she radiates.

Tolga Mendi, who attracted my attention with his role as Cenk in The Heartbeat, and who is identified with comedy as Hazar in New Bride, was the right choice for Selim.

Cemre Baysel, whom we watched as Melis in ‘Don’t Give Up My Hand’, is a performance appropriate to the needs of the youth series with a chirpy and cheerful stance as seen from the promotions.

And Emre Bey, who is my favorite in the series … The performance of the actor, which we will see in the character of ‘Burak’, was very good as Kıvanç in the youth series ‘A.K.A. The Legend’. He also enlivened Arda in “Dont Give Up My Hand” by combining the spiritual emptiness created by growing up without a father with the pampering of wealth. I am sure he will present his role here, by further developing himself and making the character feel. ”

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