Series News The cast of TRT1’s Mevlana series is very good!

The cast of TRT1’s Mevlana series is very good!

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TRT1’s new TV series Mevlana, which continues its preparations for the new season, has a great cast… TRT1 series in the winter season we left behind were quite prominent. These series will continue on their way with new seasons. In addition, new projects of the channel are coming together.

The cast of TRT1’s new TV series Mevlana is full of really impressive names. The leading role of the series, which is being prepared by Kale Film with a big budget, is Timuçin Esen, who impresses with his successful performance in Hekimoğlu. A very large team was formed with the names who joined the cast of the Mevlana series, where Can Ulukay sits in the director’s chair.

İlker Aksum and Yusuf Çim were the last two names to join the Mevlana series, which includes many experienced names.

“Kaan Yıldırım, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Baki Davrak, Burç Kümbetlioğlu, Ushan Çakır, Mert Karabulut, Özlem Tokaslan and Mert Turak.”

It is also stated that the cast has not yet been completed for the series, which includes such impressive names. In other words, new names will be included in the Mevlana series. It is expected that the entire cast will be completed soon and the shooting of the series will begin in Konya.