Artists News The character of Figen in the TV series Dilek Taşı has deeply affected Hazal Subaşı!

The character of Figen in the TV series Dilek Taşı has deeply affected Hazal Subaşı!


The Dilek Taşı (Wishing Stone) series, which will air its first episode on Thursday, September 7, on the Kanal D screen, seems to be one of the most different productions of the new season. The series, which impresses the audience with its trailers, will take the audience back to the recent history of Turkey, namely the 1980s.

Along with Salih Bademci and Ozan Dolunay, Hazal Subaşı is one of the leading names. This time, the young actress will portray the character named Figen and show her talents with a role with high emotional intensity.

Another point that excites Hazal Subaşı fans is that she is featured in a period drama for the first time. The actress described her feelings and character in these words:

“We are very excited. It’s been busy but it was a very good series. This is a story set in 1980. It is a series that also reflects the situation of Turkey at that time. Figen is a very sensitive girl with a high sense of justice. She can’t stand up to injustice and she fights against many things. I didn’t exist in the 1980s. And I’ve never been in a period drama before. I am very happy to be a partner with Salih Bademci. He is a actor that I really like.”

The clothes, places, hair and make-up details in the series, which will reflect the cultural codes of Turkey in the 1980s, will also impress the audience. Hazal Subaşı expressed that he was impressed by all these details with the following words:

“Hair, make-up, costumes and venues are very beautiful in the show… Whether it’s market scenes, beaches or scenes with people from the public, there is a huge and much preparation process.

I really like seeing the 80s on the monitor after shooting these. I can also say that I like the fact that I see myself differently. In preparation, we look in the mirror and become happy. We see ourselves differently. This situation actually pleased us all.”

The Dilek Taşı series will air on Kanal D on Thursday, September 7th.