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12 August 2022 14:25


The character that left a big mark on Barış Arduç’s life!

Barış Arduç, who returned to the screens with the Alparslan series, experienced great excitement. The actor, who met with his teammates for the first episode of the series and made a statement to the press, explained that he had an indescribable excitement.

The actor, who was ascribed to the role of Sultan Alparslan by the audience, also attracted attention with his changing image. Barış Arduç said, “We are describing a period that has left great traces and shaped world history. We are talking about heroes. That’s why we are very proud and have a great responsibility on us,” he said.

The project, which started with the name Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu last season, experienced a story change in the new season and the entire cast was changed except for two names. This change process also provided a great opportunity for Barış Arduç, who plays the leading role.

The famous actor stated that they are making intensive preparations and that they are aware of the responsibilities on them. Barış Arduç said, “We have been in the preparation phase for a very long time. We think it has been very productive. “I think we’re telling a good story,” he said.

Stating that the story goes back a thousand years, it is not easy to tell and it takes a lot of effort, Barış Arduç said that they make great efforts to empathize.

Pointing out that he has been through the technical preparation process very efficiently as an actor, Barış Arduç stated that his excitement is at its peak.

Talking about the historical importance of the Alparslan series and emphasizing that he has been through an intense preparation process, Barış Arduç said that this project was unforgettable for him with the following words:

“I am playing such an important character that not only me but my other friends as well. An important date for the period. All the characters that existed at that time are very important heroes. That’s why we searched with extra awareness. I am playing a character, a hero, who left a huge mark in my life and I will never forget.”

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