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19 May 2022 22:39


The claim that Kerem Bürsin had a traffic accident left his fans from all over the world in wonder!

A claim about Kerem Bürsin, who became a world-famous star after the success of the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı” abroad, caused confusion. Fans from many countries around the world worried that something had happened to Kerem Bürsin.

Kerem Bürsin is now a world star. His fans from all over the world are sending messages, launching campaigns and making surprises for Kerem Bürsin every day. However, a claim made about the handsome actor yesterday literally messed things up.

According to this claim, Kerem Bürsin had a traffic accident in the USA. Upon this claim, his fans from all over the world panicked and thought that something bad had happened to Kerem Bürsin. When the fans of the famous actor wondered about Kerem Bürsin’s health, and his manager had to make a statement.

Bürsin’s manager announced that this was a false claim and that Kerem Bürsin did not have an accident. Hearing this, Kerem Bürsin fans also took a sigh of relief. However, this false claim made by someone was enough to stir things up for a while. By the way, the previous day, 6 people died and 24 people were injured in a traffic accident involving 80 vehicles in Pennsylvania, USA.

Kerem Bürsin’s lover, Hande Erçel, was the subject of the agenda all over the world. This separation made the fans of Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin very upset from all over the world. While Hande Erçel’s name was mentioned with the last successful actor Kaan Yıldırım, it was announced that this claim was not true and that the duo were friends.

Kerem Bürsin, who took a break from the sets for a while, is on a journey these days. The successful actor, who was greeted with great enthusiasm by his fans in Spain, where he last went, announced in an interview that he took a break from the sets for six months and that he would not be involved in any projects during this time. On the other hand, Kerem Bürsin added that he had been working on a big project for five years and that this project was gradually emerging.

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