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6 July 2022 09:35


The claim that will upset the fans very much in Arka Sokaklar! One of the most important characters of the series is leaving!

Arka Sokaklar series, which has been on Kanal D for 16 years and has a huge audience, has been going on for years with the same cast. However, the news of a breakup from the series will upset Arka Sokaklar fans very much.

Arka Sokaklar, which now has an ossified audience, is on Kanal D on Friday evenings. Some of the actors of Arka Sokaklar, which gets very good ratings every week, continue to take part in the series since the first episode.

One of them is Zafer Ergin, who is the “father” of the series. Allegedly, Zafer Ergin, who has been playing the character of Rıza Baba in Arka Sokaklar for 16 years, decided to leave the series.

According to the news of TV100, Zafer Ergin decided to leave the TV series Arka Sokaklar for financial reasons. According to the claim that echoes on social media, Zafer Ergin will be hospitalized with an injury in an operation to be carried out, but he will be too tired to fight for his life and will leave the series.

So far, no statement has come from the producer company, the channel, or Zafer Ergin. The biggest wish of his fans is that this claim turns out to be unfounded.

There were also separations in the last season of the Arka Sokaklar series. Alp Korkmaz, Zeliha Coban and Onur Bay left the series.

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