The comment on the partner pose embarrassed Seray Kaya! An evasive answer to Onur Tuna's implication!
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4 February 2023 08:11


The comment on the partner pose embarrassed Seray Kaya! An evasive answer to Onur Tuna’s implication!

The two actresses in the lead roles in the series “Mahkum” continue to impress with their performances. Hayal Köseoğlu and Seray Kaya duo give life to two important characters of the series, which made a very ambitious debut and is progressing successfully.

Seray Kaya, who was born in 1991, became popular with the character of Şirin in the TV series Kadın. The actress, whom we watch as Cemre in the Mahkum TV series, enchants her fans with her talents and beauty…

Hayal Köseoğlu, whom we watch as Sasha character, was born in 1992, and the two young actresses got along very well and formed a good friendship with the contribution of their peers.

The duo, who met with their friends at dinner, gave images to the cameras and made statements. Seray Kaya said that they met with her friends and had a pleasant evening. Expressing that it was very nice to meet Hayal Köseoğlu outside the set, Seray Kaya stated that she and her friend rarely met on the set.

Seray Kaya said, “We love each other very much, we want to see each other very much. He and I are having dinner together with my friends,” she said. Posing for a magazine, Seray Kaya stated that they took a beautiful shot with Onur Tuna.

Seray Kaya said, “We are very happy that it was appreciated. We took a very nice shoot, there is a very nice effort. So we are very happy. It was part of our job. It was nice.”

Seray Kaya became a little shy when asked about the comments made by the fans of the TV series “I wish they were really together” on social media.

The actress tried to close the issue of Onur Tuna by pointing to Hayal Köseoğlu by saying, “I think they make us look better.”

Thanking these comments, Seray Kaya closed the issue without giving a chance to a polemic.

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