The coronavirus case in the series of Hande Erçel!
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30 September 2022 10:22


The coronavirus case in the series of Hande Erçel!

There was a great rush when an actor of the TV series ‘Love is in the Air’ on Fox TV was positive in the corona test! At the beginning of the season, with the resumption of the sets and the shooting of many series, there was panic with the emergence of corona virus infected people in some sets. After the corona shock on sets such as New Life and Love 101, all players and the team were tested and some players were quarantined for a while.

A similar situation is happening in the series ‘Love is in the Air’ right now. It was learned that the corona test of Elçin Afacan, one of the actors of the series, was positive. Due to Elçin Afacan, who tested positive for Covid-19, the entire team and players were tested.

Strict measures have been taken in series sets for a long time due to Covid-19. Even though the actors are unmasked because they are in front of the camera, the crew members are constantly masked and behave very carefully. However, unwanted situations may still occur.

A similar situation occurred in the drama ‘Love is in the Air’. When the corona was detected in the young actress who gave life to the character of Melek (Melo) in the series, there was a brief panic. Despite the measures taken, everyone was tested after this situation.

The team continues to work when another player or another person in the team does not have a virus. Elçin Afacan is estimated to be quarantined.

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