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26 May 2022 08:41


The coronavirus problem appeared in Show TV’s most ambitious series!

Üç Kuruş, which stands out as the most flash series of this season on Show TV screens, is broadcast on Monday evenings. After İçerde and Çukur, Üç Kuruş series met with the fans and created a trilogy. Üç Kuruş, bearing the signature of Ay Yapım, is one of the most trusted productions of Show TV.

Even though he can’t fill Çukur’s place with his ratings, Üç Kuruş also has millions of fans. However, there was a development that disrupted the plans.

After it was revealed that both Uraz Kaygılaroğlu and the two directors were infected with the coronavirus, the team could not get on the set and start shooting. The team of the series, which has been on vacation for a while and tired of the season, will have to make a new plan after the coronavirus crisis.

It is unclear whether the new episode, which is known to not be broadcast on Monday, January 3, will come to the screen on January 10.

Test positive for coronavirus Uraz Kaygılaroğlu has faced the problem of his friends in many TV series sets recently.

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