The current economic situation is pushing Şevval Sam too!
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4 February 2023 18:57


The current economic situation is pushing Şevval Sam too!

Şevval Sam, who plays the character of Ender in Yasak Elma TV series, said that she will spend New Year’s Eve in Sapanca. Şevval Sam, who tells that she will be on the Fox TV screen, is both in the television series and sings by taking the stage.

The actress, who is in an intense pace at both points, said, “My energy is high. I still have the joy, energy, enthusiasm and curiosity like a 25-year-old. At this age, I am very happy in that respect,” she said.

Expressing that she is saddened by the economic difficulties in Turkey and that she does not look at the world only from her own perspective, the actress used the following expressions: “We are trying to hold on from somewhere. It is not an easy time for us either. We use the healing power of music in this unhappiness and troubles. We provide distraction from the audience with acting. It’s kind of like the support program we do. People sometimes get away from the world’s troubles: This society needs it so much.”

Explaining that she wore some of her clothes again, the actress said that she did not shop too much, she bought as much as she needed, and she did not make unnecessary and exaggerated expenses.

Stating that she can wear second-hand clothes, Şevval Sam tries to be frugal.

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