The day Hazal Kaya is waiting excitedly!
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8 February 2023 20:22


The day Hazal Kaya is waiting excitedly!

The life of the famous actress Hazal Kaya has undergone a big change in 2019. The actress, who married Ali Atay in February 2019, got pregnant afterwards and brought her son Fikret Ali to the world as of November.

The actress, who read many books to raise awareness during her pregnancy, continued to improve herself after he brought her son to the world. Explaining that this process makes her more emotional, Hazal Kaya longs for the days when she enjoys a holiday due to the coronavirus epidemic.

She who made a share from her Instagram account on summer day, wants to go back to those days. The last actress we watched in Our Story series posted the photo below with the note “Take me back there.”

More than 100 thousand likes were shared. Hazal Kaya, like many famous names, is eagerly awaiting the end of these quarantine days due to coronavirus.

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