The decision that upset the audience in the Teacher series!
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30 September 2022 09:15


The decision that upset the audience in the Teacher series!

The first 4 episodes published in the TV series, which is a surprise of Fox TV for 2020, received great acclaim. Work started on the set in the series of Teachers, who brought İlker Kaleli and Ceren Moray in the leading role.

Shooting was stopped in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. The team reunited on the set after 4 months. With the video shared from the official social media accounts of Medyapım, it was officially announced that the shootings started in the series of Teachers.

Serhat Kılıç, Şerif Erol and Afra Saraçoğlu, will also be on the screen with scenes that will blow the mind of the audience in the new season. In the series, where a big social lesson is also given, the new period is anticipated.

In the sharing by Medyapım, “The teacher went on the set. In the new season, continue studying at Fox ”. There is no clear date yet when the 5th new episode of the series will be screened. However, in the announcement made by Medyapım, it was stated that the 5th part of the series will meet the audience in October.

And this situation has badly annoyed the audience. Although the shootings begin in July, the publications will begin in October is interpreted as a rather annoying development. Viewers make comments rebelling against this situation on social media.

Many series will be screened with new episodes in late August or mid-September. The Teacher will make its audience wait until October.

The following information was given in the announcement made by Medyapım last week:

“Our series, which interrupted its first season due to the pandemic, will be 32 more episodes. The series, which will meet its audience again in October, is planned to make a final with the 36th episode in May 2021.”

Here is the video that the fans of the Teacher series are waiting with excitement and curiosity, showing that the set has started:

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